An Early Look at Fall Office Styling

An Early Look at Fall Office Styling
Desk Duty: An Early Look at Fall Office Styling
Returns to work or school are rarely considered fun, but prepping for them can be exciting, and make easing back in far better. That’s why this month, we’re bridging summer softness and fall attitude for a beautiful balance of texture and tone. Whether home studio or corner office, when a workspace is in order, imagination blossoms, with productivity next in line. To keep things feeling fresh and fall-ready, we’re looking to small pops of surprise by way of cool material mixes, like trendy leather and rich reclaimed wood, with industrial elements like black-finished iron and alternately warm, rustic finishes. See the styles and influences we’re tapping to infuse our August workspaces with vigor, calm and clarity.
Desk duty moodboard
Desk duty products

1. Death Valley by Joe Mania  2. Shadow Box Desk  3. Folding Table Lamp  4. Shane Single Bookshelf  5. Tyler Desk Chair  6. Feldman Magazine Rack  7. Black Cotton Woven Rug

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